New Sights Unseen with Seattle Cinematographer Tracy Nystrom / by Tracy Nystrom

I shot this short modern dance piece yesterday for a non-profit event called The Blind Cafe that will take place April 25-27th, 2013 in Bellevue, WA.  They describe the event on their site as,

"...a mind bending/heart opening experience where the audience will indulge in a vegetarian 'Sensory Tasting Experience' sourced from local sponsors and farms, participate in a Q & A forum with their blind wait staff & enjoy an 'unencumbered music listening' concert of original music by Rosh & One Eye Glass Broken...all in the complete pitch dark!"

This movement piece is about a newly blind girl who is afraid of her handicap and unsure of how to move forward. Two blind friends help and empower her as she navigates this unfamiliar world.

I worked on this project with Seattle-based director/editor Norman Tumolva in-coordination with Bellevue Ballet and Expose Eastside Collective.  The shoot went great, all the dancer's were on point, knew their stuff, and brought some awesome ideas with them. The beautiful choreography was created by Alex Wheelwright and her incredibly talented supporting dancers were Kristy Doyle and Alyiona Georgiu.  The music is an original piece by Brian "Rosh" Rocheleau who is connected with the Blind Cafe.


- Tracy