Under Covers: Seattle 48Hr Film Project by Tracy Nystrom

- Poster by Mike Oncley (@mikeoncley)

Under Covers is a short film I shot last month for the Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival!  It won "Audience Choice", 
"Best use of Genre", and "Best Editing."

I shot this with a Canon 5D Mark III DLSR Camera using the Technicolor Preset, Canon L-Series Lenses (24mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.2, 85mm f/1.2), and lit it with 2 F&V LED Light panels and a bounce card.  The opening shot was accomplished using my Freefly Systems Movi M5 Stabilizer. 

I suggested going for straight black and white visuals but the team voted and opted for subtle color hints.  Here's the final project, enjoy!

- Tracy



Camera Operating on Seattle Rooftops: Tracy Nystrom by Tracy Nystrom

Aloha!  I spent this weekend working as the B-camera Operator on the pilot of an upcoming web-series that takes place in an alternate sci-fi timeline.  I can't delve into details due to non-disclosure agreements, but it was an awesome shoot with an incredible crew and I think it will take off once it's unleashed.  I'll put up a link to it when it's out in the wild!

After we wrapped all of the gear, we enjoyed a beautiful Seattle sunset on the roof.  Here are a couple of photos I took before heading home.  Enjoy!