action sports

ichi-go ichi-e: Skate Film by Tracy Nystrom

ichi-go ichi-e is a raw, visually striking experimental skate film following a young man as he's stalked by a strange creature while making his way through an increasingly surreal world.

This film is a personal project I've wanted to make for several years and finally decided to just do it this last Jan/Feb with the help of several friends.  

I wrote the script in three days, bought my buddy (Parker Garrett: skateboarder) a ticket to Seattle from Phoenix, AZ, and went to work scouting locations and building sets/props with some talented friends.  After three weeks of prep, nearly a 1,200 miles traveling around WA State over 4 days, and braving freezing temperatures we now have a skate film shot and in the can.  

Right now I'm editing, sound designing, and waiting for a couple nice days to finish shooting b-roll, time-lapse, and environments for the final cut.  With hope and a lot of luck this short film will be finished and ready Summer for 2014!    

Aerial Photography: oh messy life by Tracy Nystrom

Here are some of the final images along with a short film from the aerial test shoot at Gasworks Park in Seattle, WA a few days ago.  They were taken with a GoPro Hero3: Black Edition mounted to a Zenmuse H3-2D 2-axis Gimbal on a DJI Phantom quadcopter.  This was a really fun little project and was stoked to have my friend Shari come out and help.  She carried my monitor, stand, and other gear around for 2 hours in the balmy 30 F Seattle weather.

I just got back from working on a project in LA through most of November and have several spec ads, music videos, and other action sport shoots coming up early next year.  In order to get ready I've been searching Seattle for the some of the coolest known and unknown locations and shooting aerial/ground tests to see how they will match to upcoming projects. Over the next few weeks I'll be throwing up more still and aerial tests.

If you know of a cool location and/or are interested in helping out, definitely let me know.  Currently looking for people who participate in action and adventure sports, thanks!

- Tracy