go skate

ichi-go ichi-e: Skate Film by Tracy Nystrom

ichi-go ichi-e is a raw, visually striking experimental skate film following a young man as he's stalked by a strange creature while making his way through an increasingly surreal world.

This film is a personal project I've wanted to make for several years and finally decided to just do it this last Jan/Feb with the help of several friends.  

I wrote the script in three days, bought my buddy (Parker Garrett: skateboarder) a ticket to Seattle from Phoenix, AZ, and went to work scouting locations and building sets/props with some talented friends.  After three weeks of prep, nearly a 1,200 miles traveling around WA State over 4 days, and braving freezing temperatures we now have a skate film shot and in the can.  

Right now I'm editing, sound designing, and waiting for a couple nice days to finish shooting b-roll, time-lapse, and environments for the final cut.  With hope and a lot of luck this short film will be finished and ready Summer for 2014!